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Lyric video released

A lyric video for “Black Death Redemption”, the opening track from Relics, is now available.

Check it out in the Video section, on Youtube or on Facebook.

“Relics” is released

Our fifth album, “Relics”, is released today.

Check it out on our Bandcamp profile or on your favorite streaming service, e.g. Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Tidal, Google Play, Amazon Music, Telmore Musik, Yousee Musik…

For physicla versions, you can for instance visit Pladekisten, Rock & Metal vinyl, or our own webshop at Bandcamp.

Music video released

A music video for “Once Called Slaves” from the “Relics” album is now released.

The stop motion video, which was shot and edited by Lasse Frisk from Frisk Film and consists of close to 15000 still photos, can be seen in the Video section.

Release date and artwork for “Relics”

The forthcoming Crocell album, “Relics”, will be released on March 16th via LongLife Records and will be available on CD, vinyl and as digital download.

The album was produced by Jacob Olsen at JBO Sound​ and the artwork was drawn by BF.B, who has worked with Metal Magic Festival​, Vomit Angel​, and Ligfaerd among others.

Visit the webshop to pre-order the album.

“Relics” track listing:

1. Black Death Redemption
2. Once Called Slaves
3. Conqueror’s Tyranny
4. Tombworld
5. Plague Altar
6. Last Dawn Duet
7. Mammon Rise
8. Liar’s Labyrinth
9. World At Its End (instrumental)

Listen to first four Crocell albums via Bandcamp

The first four Crocell albums are now available in high quality on Bandcamp for streaming and download. Visit our Bandcamp profile or check it out in the Music section.

New website up and running

A new website is up and running!