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Crocell are like being hit in the face with a wrecking ball… in the best way possible
– Big Cheese Magazine, 2008

These words continue to hold true, even though they stem from a review of Crocell’s debut album in 2008.
Since the inception in 2007 the Danish metal machine has been a consistent supplier of raw, Scandinavian death metal, fusing death metal with more than just a few hints of black metal.


The God We Drowned (2008)
The Wretched Eidola (2011)
Come Forth Plague (2013)
Prophet’s Breath (2015)
Relics (2018)


Asbjørn Steffensen: vocals
Tommy Christensen: guitars
Rasmus Hexen Henriksen: guitars
Onkel K. Jensen: bass
Andreas Posselt: drums